The Last Leave of Autumn

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“The Last Leave of Autumn Witnessing a Fallen Tree”

Sunrise From Shirpala

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Sunrise From Shirpala Shelter, Darband, Alborz Mountains, Iran. | Winter 2016

Morning Colors

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Morning Colors, Masouleh, Gilan, Iran | Fall 2015

It was snowing

It was snowing all night long and this young dog was staying outside in the house whom his owner gave us shelter. When Uncle Askar the old man saw me worrying about the dog he said: “Don’t worry he is young! This cold and snow won’t hurt him.” I understood how tough are some beings on earth.

One cow with many flies

One cow with many flies on her face.
Cows are one of my favorite  subjects, as they have helped the man a lot during his history and evolution. Even now there is many products produced from their milk or meat or skin. I personally hope one they we humans can be as productive for the planet as each of they are.

Jahan Nama

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Jahan Nama, Golestan Province | Spring 2016


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Masouleh, The City in the Mountains, Gilan – Iran | Fall 2016

Ivy and the Fern

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Ivy and the Fern. Qal’e Roudkhan – Gilan Province – Iran.

Black Beach

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Black Beach, Hormuz island. | Winter 2016
[Where the red waters of the ocean meet the black sand and paint it red. Just like a painting on a canvas.]

The first snow

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The first snow, Heights of Marzanabad, Mazandaran, Iran. | Fall 2015
[This picture is only a few days before the previous photo. And only 1 hour of flying away. This is four season Iran.]

Melting of the Snow

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Melting of the Snow. Heights of Masouleh, Gilan, Iran | Spring 2016

Cow full

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Sina Siavoshan-سینا سیاوشان
“In the pasture of advise, I saw a Cow full.”
(This picture reminds me so much of the constellation Taurus, the stubborn cow)