Sleeping in the Heights of Mazandaran

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after a long day of hitchhiking and mountain hiking, we almost died of tiredness, but in the morning I woke up before the sunrise to make this Shot. Amin my travel mate still in the sleeping bag and it was freezing cold. The city you can see in the distant is Abbas Abbad, and those clouds are coming from the Caspian Sea

My Travel mate and bro Amin

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We started hitchhiking since so young and started from the north of our country. Where the cities are close together but not many people stop to give a hitchhiker a ride

The first snow

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The first snow, Heights of Marzanabad, Mazandaran, Iran. | Fall 2015
[This picture is only a few days before the previous photo. And only 1 hour of flying away. This is four season Iran.]

Orost Forests

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Orost Forests, Mazandaran, Iran | Spring 2016



MarzanAbad, Mazandaran,Fall 2015

A Couple on a weekend

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A Couple on a weekend, met while hitchhiking in Chalous. “One has to enjoy simple things.” they were saying.