Where I spent one week in the Island.

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I’ve found a mate who was going to stay there for one month.
The island was magical. Once you would enter it would not let you go easily.
I took this shot of Ahmad at sunrise when he was still in the sleeping bag.



In Heights of Talesh, Gilan.

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The city on the left side is Bandar Anzali, and the sea is Caspian with highlights of the moonlight on it

Nights out door with a bright man

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The man meditating by the fire was one of my teachers who taught me many things about zen Buddhism . In this trip we went to Azerbaijan province

Masouleh, Gilan, Spring 2017

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We just loved being out there in all the greens and wilds

Camping in Deylaman, Gilan. Fall 2015

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The night we slept so early as it was so cold and we couldn’t make a fire. This was the view in the morning everywhere so green and refreshing. This is why I love the north of iran so very much

Sleeping in the Heights of Mazandaran

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after a long day of hitchhiking and mountain hiking, we almost died of tiredness, but in the morning I woke up before the sunrise to make this Shot. Amin my travel mate still in the sleeping bag and it was freezing cold. The city you can see in the distant is Abbas Abbad, and those clouds are coming from the Caspian Sea